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Now that I've spent almost half my life in this world we call music, I've noticed there are a few people who continue to support this art form of rock and roll and give it the breeding ground it needs to survive and grow. You guys are at the top of that list. You're names have come up over and over all with a positive message attached and I just thought I'd reach out and thank you for putting in all this hard work to keep rock alive in stadiums and bring mass audiences to have their ears crushed by screaming guitars. Basically the coolest shit ever. So again, thanks for being there for all of us, it really has an affect and I am sure it will continue to get bigger. Rock and roll will never die.
Taylor Momsen/The Pretty Reckless

Thank all for all of your help. We have worked for this day for 12 years. Clearly our partnership with all of u guys has made a huge difference. I can not tell u how much this means to Jjo and Me personally. Thank you again.
Randy Hawke/WJJO

I know it's been a minute, but I wanted to reach out, say "hello" and say how much I enjoyed your recent Q&A on All Access. You've ALWAYS, ALWAYS have been a stand up guy! You're a survivor of the business and that's AWESOME! The Industry needs more Gary Spivack's in it! You've always been a pro's pro and class act! I wish you all the best and continued success! It's terrific to see wonderful things continuing to happen to really, really incredible people. You're a champion!
J.D. Kunes

First and foremost I wanted to say congratulations on a great weekend that was riddled with challenges and you guys just handle everything like absolute champs! Always a smile on your faces and happy to have everyone there. We all felt safe and informed. Thank you for making us all feel the love, from getting Volbeat back on stage for a couple of hit songs to moving curfews (every night), finding extra room and space for all things Metallica, parking, to making sure we were all feed and had a drink in our hands. First Class....and I even got the upgrade going home...was that you as well?
Congrats on getting another Rock on the Range in the books and kicking ass. I think I like what Hal Fish at the Blitz said at Lunch today...we were talking about all the festivals popping up everywhere and how so many just don't get it...he said "I just don't want to deal with anything else besides Rock On The Range".
Warrne Christensen/QPRIME

I just wanted to email you to thank you for having us on your festivals on this last run.

We have been doing the rest-of-the-world festival circuit for ages, and we've always said "the USA just doesn't know how to do festivals like the rest of the world." We have done many touring festivals in the USA and they always miss the mark in every way.

Your festivals are amazing; they are on par with the rest of the fests around the globe. They give me hope for growing the Rock and metal CULTURES in the USA. I've always said that metal isn't just a genre, it's a lifestyle; the USA was never indicative of that with its other fests; but your destination, weekend, jam-packed festivals will grow the USA into something amazing.

I feel making the people travel to your fests, having them on the weekends, having them full of great amenities for the fans - it just makes it all the better.

Congratulations and thank you for what you're doing,
Matt Heafy/Trivium

Hands down one the most fun Rock & Metal fest I've attended anywhere, definitely tied w ROTR - congrats on the HUGE opening - and thanks much for your hospitality - nothing but glowing feedback from all the clients - see ya soon!
Josh Kline/UTA

Just wanted to thank you so much for having Gojira this year and treating them so well, the guys and I where beyond thrilled. Really appreciate it and all your hospitality. You guys are truly fantastic.
Nick John/Manager of Mastodon, Slayer, Gojira

As I sit here on the Monday following the weekend of our 91X/San Diego WREX’s shows I am once again at a loss for words. Mr. Spivack, thank you for finding the teeny tiny cracks to make sure things got to where they needed to go. In this ego driven rock-star world Mr. Spivak always found the way to make sure Artist and Manager were there for us, 24/7.


All three of our clients had a great Edgefest 2016 experience and we appreciate your team’s hospitality. The interviews, charity signing, meet and greet and Autograph tables were easily navigated and the the station liaisons we were assigned were all top notch. They were on time, easy to reach and in general just made things easier for Foals, Cage and Silversun. As for the production itself, that was great too. The local AEG team also made everything behind the scenes run hassle free, on that front there were no complaints from any of our bands or their road crews. Thank you for having the three of them on the bill, it’s good to have been part of another great KDGE event. Edgefest continues to be a great experience for both the artists and the fans.
Adan and Warren/QPrime

Once again….congratulations on totally succeeding with your vision….you and your team have become the US festival guys…no question about it
Steve Wood/Paul Geary Management

Very happy to play a role in this event, you guys crushed it and it was really a great vibe all weekend. Felt like family, thanks for that!
Jeff Varner-Partner/Revelation Management Group

Thanks guys for always taking care of me. Aftershock was an unbelievable set up and experience. You guys are the best in biz.
Rob McDermott/manager

I just wanted to thank you both and your team for making last night so much fun for us all…as usual your team went out of their way to accommodate our every need and it is both noted and appreciated.
Steve Wood and Paul Geary/PGM (Alter Bridge and Steel Panther manager)

It was an amazing experience for each of our bands and we appreciate the continued support and A+ treatment that we receive every year from each of you. Thanks again and we look forward to a huge year next year!
Ryan Harlacher/CAA

Thank you for havin us. The band really enjoyed it. Such a great festival dude. Yer gettin good at this.
Dean Deleo/Stone Temple Pilots

And thanks to all of you for being willing recipients of the "holy crap who can help me with this" emails. You guys have a magic wand that helps get me off the ledge with several things and I appreciate all you do - much more than you ever know!
Bonnie Olsen/WJJO

Wanted to thank you again. Rock Allegiance was amazing. What a success! what a great day all the way around. As always, it was great seeing you and I really appreciate you always taking the time to sit and catch up. you having your events has kept us in touch.
Dave Cash /manager

Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks on behalf of my bands and Razor and Tie. Another great weekend in Columbus caps off 4 straight weeks of killer shows that were a great look for our bands. Can’t say thanks enough for the shots you’ve given us. Really appreciate all that you guys and your team do. It’s really a first class operation.
Kurt Steffek/SVP Promo Razor & Tie

Just wanted to drop a 'thanks' on you. It's always a great time at ROTR and this year was no different. I got some great interviews which I'm starting to sort out now. It turned out killer. More to come.
Meltdown and Mark/WRIF-Detroit I just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend. I appreciate your support and hospitality. The bands had a great time as did I. It was great to finally meet you, Del & Gary, And Danny always a pleasure.
Bill Mcgathy/Indegoot

My team said the event was Class and that you guys took good care of us, just as I had expected. I want to personally thank you both for the love and opportunity.
Beno/Velvet Hammer (manager of Alice Of Chains and more)

BY FAR, BEST REBELLION TO DATE!!!!!!!!! Not sure how you are going to one up yourself next year, but I can’t wait to see!! Thank you for everything! Rock 105 couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the CR family!!
SMASH-Rock 105/North Carolina

Thanks so much for everything over the weekend, both in terms of looking after Mice and YG so well, but also myself. Had a great time- love the festival. Really great set up and vibe the whole weekend.
Criag/Matt/Andy @ RAWPOWER Was up yall its jacoby from pxroach!!!!!!!! I knew when we killed the Second stage in 2007 we had to do it again. Fast forward a year later we killed it again and on the main stage no less. It feels so good to be part of such an important festival for rock n roll. Thanks to all you guys for comin and goin off. So i will say it.... We are gonna do this festival again for sure. Thanks for the love and support!!!!!
Jacoby Shaddix/Papa Roach

I want to thank you for all the hospitality this past weekend! I had an amazing time and can’t wait to do it again next year! I’m here for you, anything you need let me know?
Jay Hudson/PD-89X Detroit

It sounds like everything went terrific this. I want to thank you for all your help, our store had a great time.
Shaun Smith/FYE (WLM Sponsor)

Man, that was a CLASSIC weekend! Such a great show, great CROWD, and a ton of great people making it all happen!! HUGE THANKS Gary for having me out, can't wait to get back in 2010!
DJ Mike Czech

On behalf of our entire staff, thank you for your hospitality. Nikki was jammed packed with interviews---he had a blast. And we all had a wonderful time!
Lorre Crimi/Premiere Radio-Nikki Sixx Show

Gary, real quick, I want to thank you for everything, in regards to the KFRR holiday show this past weekend, at Selland Arena. All the bands were amazing, you went above and beyond in putting together this lineup for us, and you do not know how much I appreciate it, as the Program Director & as a friend for awhile, in this crazy biz, also very much appreciated
Jason Squires

I just wanted to thank you all for a truly fantastic fan and professional experience. You certainly know how to run a show and cater to artists and fans alike. You made things incredibly efficient for the artist to do their interviews and not a detail was missed. Thank you so much!
Heather Luke/WB Records

Gary – seriously great job to you and all your team this weekend. That was an amazing event that seemed to move flawlessly. I know you were probably running around putting out fires all day and probably missed a lot of the acts. Check out this photo of All That Remains. I’ve never seen the band more stoked after one of their performances. THANKS!!!!
Kurt Steffak/Razor & Tie

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you we all had a great time. I worked my boys to death and I really feel we turned some heads this weekend! Would have loved to have hung more but always tough. I'll see ya soon. Can u send me dels info just wanted to thank him as well.
Dave Cash/Fat Lady Music

We cannot thank you enough for the phenomenal event you provided for our advertisers. Our faithful Scion client said it was the best experience he’s had at a KROQ event. Your yin/yang back and forth arrangement with the main and side stages guaranteed constant traffic to our exhibitors. Everyone was delighted, and furthermore, we brought a whole new contingent of sponsors to a KROQ event who will most certainly return next year. Thanks again. Epicenter will be even bigger next year.
Bill Denton-GSM KROQ/Los Angeles

Wow I cannot believe I made it threw another ROTR. (Deep breath made) I can't believe you two have put together the lollapalooza of rock... Congrats because that's what it has become. I had 6 bands there and felt like I had just performed after all was said and done. Thank you gary and del for makoing rock believeable again, not only do both of you do it so well, but you make companies like sony/red want to believe in rock again too. Thanks again for your support in my artists and me as part of the rock on the range family Thanks again for the best rock experience any tickey buyer would love to attend See you next year my breathern
Tommy Debendictics/Sony RED

The guys called on Saturday and said the weather almost prevented the show from happening. We all said our little prayers and they called later that night and said it was one of the most fun shows of the tour. THey said the audience was so much fun and they had a great time. Thank you and everyone over there for including them on the festival and for taking such great care of the guys!!

Great to meet you and thank you for everything. You spoiled us and I am sure the rest of the summer is going to be down hill from this in terms of accommodations and easy of operations.
David Gottleib-Rolliing Stone Magazine

we were honored to be apart of both ROTR shows. The guys had a blast and I hear the audience reaction was AMAZING !!! Justin was really excited. We just landed in Berlin and that was the first thing Justin wanted to talk about. You guys are KICKING ASS !!!
Paul Nugent/Blue October manager



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